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WASH global challenge

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GLOBAL CHALLENGE & SOLUTIONS “Why still use buckets for tran- sporting and keeping water free from contamination?…” IMPACT BUSINESS DESIGN ENABLING SOCIETAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE MPACT BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Skills used: #marketing #graphicdesign #communicaton #fundraising #branddevelopment… Read More »WASH global challenge

ALSO sustech

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How could 380 million potential end-customers buy sustainable ICT? BACKGROUND: ALSO A/S is a market-leading ICT distributor: • 4000 employees• 110.000 buyers• 660 vendors • Global reach: 380 million end-customers• 9,2 billion EUR i net… Read More »ALSO sustech

blockchain, movies, governance (fintech)

Suppy chain management. Men hvordan kan blockchain revolutionere måden, man laver regnskab på? Blockchain could be coming for the accounting industry. Blockchain Own Your Carbon Footprint Carbon on Blockchain Controlling your carbon footprint… Read More »blockchain, movies, governance (fintech)

graf – lokiss

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Lokiss first video   1. Can you tell me, in a few lines, your own ‘History of Writing’ and how you have become a part of it? I started doing letters in 1986,… Read More »graf – lokiss


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personer: Chris cormency unicef:  Cape town: microfinansering: Microfinansering: RFID chips: flipbooks: onlinebutik i cape town med den famøse sputnik vaskemaskine: Video… Read More »WASH

Web design – 2019

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i have re-designed a few websites in an different areas of businesses from flowershops with ecommerce functionality, construction workers, bookkeeping companies and psychologists.From the stretched out hand from “Webdesign?.. Yes, i can help you with that…”… Read More »Web design – 2019