Shaping the sustainable businesses of today

and make them future-fit

ONEINITIATIVE.ORG are hosting the #nordicimpactbusinesssummit where companies delivering the most promising solutions of tomorrow, NordicTop50, are matched and matured in collaboration with business angels, investors or venture funds. The aim of ONEINITIATIVE.ORG is to collaborate on solving the global challenges – while earning money. makes a difference by mapping the ecosystem of impact investing and matchmake impactful companies with investors, equity and scalability.

– Have a look in the report from 2020 on the drivers and motivations in the investor community, on why and how to make sustainable businesses scalable & provide economic solutions for global challenges.

What is my contribution?

I am levelling up my digital marketing skillset, develop methodologies, content planning and execution, strategies and KPI ́s in order to reach the business goals.

It includes disciplines as:

Digital marketing
  1. Content strategy
  2. Methodologies and best practice
  3. Marketing automation/Analysis
Growth loops/hacking
  1. Acquisition of new leads & conversion
  2. Activation of prospects in impact investing, venture funds and private equity segments
  3. Growth experiments and results

The goal of The One Initiative is to collaborate on solving the climate and global challenges while making money by activities such as:

• Mapping the ecosystem for impact investments

• Develop impact companies and scale-ups for the global market.


• How can 200 international investors be matched with the 50 most promising startups with sustainable solutions?

• What are the motives for VC’s and impact investors in regard to which sectors have the highest priority?

• What is the returns and how is the benefits for impact investment defined?

Goals in 2020:

• Matchmaking sessions between 150 impact investors and 50 founders.

• Studio sessions with leading actors from the ecosystem

• Publication of Impact Report Nordic Investors 2020.

Jobs to be done:

The task was to get Nordic and global investors to participate in matchmaking sessions, studio sessions and to participate in an online survey, where the data was communicated in the Impact Report: Nordic Investors 2020.

Technology, tools and growth:

Tools such as MailChimp, Hubspot, Sprout Social and external channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter were used.

There were several campaigns and visual expressions that were designed to engage in dialogue, grow the number of followers, and track the conversion rate. 
The SoMe activities was done with a structured, methodical approach, with having as low costs as possible while gaining maximum results in the number of followers, engagement and conversions.

Besides the various enablers to increase the dialogue, I also produced infographics to illustrate the state of top50 impact companies, ticket sizes and the connection to the UN Global Goals (SDGs).