Global challenges & solutions

“Nearly 2.2 billion people are currently living without

safely managed water outlets”

As we have experienced globally due to the CORONA crisis: clean water and good hygiene is the absolute minimum that’s needed to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

According to a recent article on theconversation: “Sub-Saharan Africa, the World Bank reported that around 75% of people living in rural areas live in homes that lack adequate facilities for hand washing”

– can this challenge be helped by providing tools and means to transport and keep the water bacteria-free?

I certainly believe so and I have used my commercial insights, graphic design and visual competencies to share the message of this start-up and what global impact it can provide.

“Why still use buckets for transporting and keeping water free from contamination?”



Brand promise

Based on previous successes such as Lifestraw, Permanet and Safe hands, which have proven to be a massive success, and in terms of profit, it must be considered a very well-documented POB (proof-of-business) both within the NGO segment and the retail segment.

I have confidence in the sustainable hybrid product, which is a complete #gamechanger in water transport and water storage, primarily in disaster areas, relief camps etc and especially when you include phenomena like #dayzero, increasing urbanization

Co-creation for the global market

Collaborating with the team of AQUAID WATERBAG has been rewarding in these operating space:

  • Contribute to disseminating solutions to global societal challenges.
  • Assemble a pitchdeck with a focus on ROI and SROI.
  • Build argumentation to gain commitment from investors & stakeholders.
  • Learn to condense and simplify complex contexts in visual form
  • Uses methods from change management to get people “on the journey”.
  • Communicate how and why the product (brand promise) can provide a societal and economic benefit.

Which value did i provide for AQUAID WATERBAG?

Solutions & global reach

We have developed a product, but cannot progress without communication, marketing and strategy.

Mads has contributed a lot to marketing and communication and is really good at building a solid network of contacts, which can strengthen the product’s business concept.

Founder of SafeWater/Aquaid Waterbag, CO-inventor of LIFESTRAW

Business impact at a global scale

Traction – Q3 2020:

Aquaid have started cooperation with Care Nederland and is presently finishing field tests for optimizing the social impact, it can provide for end-users in Sudan, Yemen and Ethiopia – follow the development on the LINKEDIN business page

Lightweight, extreme durability, easy to transport & low price – whats not to like?

Download the slidedeck to know more