How to create awareness & connections





I am human-centric designer, a revenue-focused mind and a graphic designer’s heart with a legacy of 20 years in marketing, branding, communication and freelance work.

I have worked within the sphere of conversations & interactions and have wide set of tools to create conversational "pieces" to enable connections between humans I am looking forward to the next journey, to co-create and contribute with tools, vehicles, products and services reaching the commercial, business goals.

My strongholds are brand development & graphic design, with the silver lining is the conversations, the interaction, the dialogue and engagement between the brand and the audience/users.

Below are a few ways and formats, i have enabled engagement and interaction between the brand and audience


Did you know that I do murals, illustrations and canvaswork and have had corporate exhibitions as well?

The Yellow Pages/De Gule Sider

Doing art direction, making full page ads, including the CTA, adding the offline SEO as a contributing factor as, was something I did at The Yellow Pages/DeGuleSider.

Logos & brand IDs

I have done logos, brand IDs for clients within construction, experience economy, service, bookkeeping/accounting.

Unlock your city/Byens Nøgle

Unlock the city through experiences . You have to open up to the city's secrets, go to the more unknown "places", doors or areas that open the perspective of the new country or city. I did the logo and flyers

Posters & brochures

for seniors

These flyers and brochures promotes events with national known entertainers, singers and alike. Usually there will posters, flyers, adverts in magazines and concertprogrammes for each event.

Meditation & communication

I have practiced and taught meditation for 20 years, and have also produced posters, designs, carried out public events, concerts,

which hopefully inspired the audience to pick up or continue to meditate.

Do you get new clients

from your website?

Yes, i can help you with that. I have helped several clients within various business segments, doing front-end, setting up the CMS, track the user behaviours etc.


Letterscapes -Illustrations, posters and walls

I combine letters, shapes, colourfulness, sharp lines, organic lines into a type-based “worlds” from words. Letters are energy, so when they are combined, words becomes “worlds” or universes to explore.