Conversions, websites & SEO/SEM


Do you get new clients from your website?

Is it easy to post content and track the engagement?

I have re-designed a few websites in different areas of businesses from flower shops with eCommerce functionality, construction workers, musicians, accountants and psychologists. I am often in contact in people who has websites or are active on SoMe, and when the conversation comes into work related topics, and I often share insights, kinda all the way from: “Webdesign?.. Yes, i can help you with that…” to:

  • Getting the brief and to distinguish between the clients “need to have and nice to-haves”.
  • Putting on my thinking cap and come with a layout, a responsive design
  • how to solve the challenge of increasing the customer base
  • Increase the flow of traffic on the website.
  • Presenting the layout on multiple devices.
  • Implementing the design, using CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
  • optimizing plugins and finally launching fully-fledged website
  • tracking the visitors behaviour and handling the SEO/SEM.

If you need of an updated version of your website, which can generate traffic and reach potential customers, or maybe your website is time-consuming to update, then let´s connect in the contact form



Business segment:

local newspaper/online magazine.

Case: The client wanted a redesign of the website, improved reading of the bi-weekly publication, better options for sharing content on SoMe, start affiliate marketing – so I solved those challenges

See the case study here


Business segment: Accounting/bookkeeping

Case: The customer needed a logo and website, so I did both the logo, layout, backend and frontend (WordPress cms)


Business segment: Musician/artist

Case: website optimization to increase customer base, lead generation & SoMe sharing optimization.


Business segment: Eventmaker/Performer

Case: The client is an eventmaker within team building event, and a trained classical singer, performing with opera, with orchestras, pianists etc


Business segment: Construction

Case: SEO, website design & content strategy


Business segment: Flowershop/accessories

Case: CMS, webdesign, layout, E-commerce, on-site SEO & Google Analytics