Corona-nomics gone local


The build back/forward better

Working as a consultant I always use the projects, that I currently working on as “internships for the next phase” and I extract the learnings, find the sharpened diamonds and components to use as building blocks for the next team or persons I am collaborate with.

I have used the terms "coronanomics" (VIDEO) and "buildbackbetter", but its my experience, we need to re think and reframe the new narrative in the new normal

Covid and systemic value

I have been in dialogue with a company, which "creates digital workflows that connect companies to future markets and new business opportunities to harness the innovation economy" platform. During the conversations and progression of scope and depth of collaboration, it dawned on me, how individuals and companies in particular can build (back) forward better.

The company was already presenting their perspective on the SDGs, publications which were directed to partners in the C25 or SME segment, so my task was to optimize and propose how an lasting contribution and impact could be aligned and become a stronger point of differentiation towards the competitors/colleagues in the same operating space.

Most important SDG?

Starting the core of SDGs, and focus on to even out imbalances could be a place to start, but what is the baseline and which framework provides the best results and value?

In the case above with the "innovation economy", the company chose to make a “portrait” of the companys relation to the each individual goal.

The company have started chronological order but could include an overall narrative, including an segment of how does the SDG10 align and connects with other 16 goals

How to communicate from all the goals to a single one?

During my education as “sustainable business change manager” I used a methodology of starting with core purpose (purpose with, not for…) and then acknowledging what the negative imprint was - expanded the safe operating space. Sharing my framework and sparring sessions with other change agents always covers new ground, kind of turning stones, which becomes stepping stones and presents for new possibilities and increasing the size of the playing field.

Welcome, SDG 10 - The new kid in class?

I have been interested in sustainability for at least 6 years in a professional context, and took a few courses as an introduction for Sustainable Development Goals.

What I discovered was no matter which SDG you preferred or at least thought it to be, what matters most was SDG10 - inequality, because it contains set of balancing, equal distribution of wealth, access to resources, diminishing difference between rich and poor.

In the aftermath of both Covid-19 and now the societal uprising and dissatisfaction expressed in blacklivesmatter (BLM) it narrows down theracism, seperation, discrimination etc. and illustrates HOW far we are from reaching the goals. The focus in Europe is centered around SDG12, SDG8, SDG13, SDG7 but only with a multiplied and collective effort and decisionmaking, we can be the change, define the new normal and utilize this "window of opportunity" to have a new set of business value and societal value.

Future Fitness?

Its often a bridge to be crossed, and a lot arguments or calculations (CAPEX, anyone?) to convince or get the buy-in to launch a change management project, or in my case, setting up a new business area and strategy and instead of having to compile a set of tools for your needs, I have used the methodology of breakeven goals, (from up to minimum business standard) to have positive pursuit, calculate the risk of doing/not doing in this framework.

I have cherrypicked the components to underline and actually sell the idea, so it contain key phrases to adressing the theme and actually changing the system.

The futurefit business framework really provides a lot guides, manuals and even excel sheets to calculate the roi and especially SROI/ROI. I recommend everybody to tune in and take the crash course and if you want to see real life examples of how it has been implemented please visit the website.

The Decade of Action will…

Mobilize everyone, everywhere

We will work to create an unstoppable force linked to the Global Goals.

We will identify risks to ensure no one is left behind. This requires each of us to take action—individually and collectively, locally and globally.

Demand urgency and ambition.

We must be the generation to end extreme poverty, win the raceagainst climate change and conquer injustice and gender inequality.

We will hold leaders to account and point to what is possible when action delivers results.

Supercharge ideas to solutions.

We will shine a light on solutions that expand access and demonstrate the possibilities of ideas.

We will drive sustainable innovation, financial investments and technology– while making space in our communities and cities for young people to lead.

Read more about the Decade of Action

Next step:

  1. Would you measure your contribution to the sustainable development goals?
  2. Make use of a step by step actionable framework and methodology for sustainability?
  3. Are your business ready to handle "purchase orders from the future"?

Then let´s connect and see how we together can drive the change in the decade of action.