Unlock the city through experiences and guided tours

Byens Nøgle: Logo & AD's


The customer is a trained tourist guide and has tourists from the Baltic countries. BYENS NØGLE = KEYS of the CityVisibility and communication are needed in the situation when you come to a new city or a new country and have to discover the place on your own.

By using local guides, or tour guides, the experience or the lasting impressions becomes stronger and more relevant. Quizzes, discovery tours and teaching are arranged.


Byens Nøgle = Keys of the City

You have to open up to the city's secrets, go to the more unknown "places", doors or areas that open the perspective of the new country or city. It can be quizzes, quests with specific focus areas, discovery trips, teaching or something else. can be exchanged for different languages, as the target group is also multi-lingual.

Hardware used:

The blueprint of the logo was done with Bezier curves in Illustrator, but the many suggestions and variations were played out in the program "FIGMA", which can also be used for UX and prototyping.

New skills acquired

did this quite deliberately as acquiring a new skill, which leads me further to practice "lifelong learning" process, where the interest goes towards customer journeys, user experience, design systems, app development and UX design, which I am going to elaborate upon here (LINK TO GO-IMPACT)

Examples of print design