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Branding, strategy and context marketing


Due to the NDA I can not mention the company nor sector, but it is ICT, have B2B and B2C customers and wants sustainability high on the agenda as a profit generator.

Some employees expressed that this "whole eco and sustainability wave is only eye-candy for the customers, this too, shall pass, so it can become back to "business as usual".

The company is more than 10 years old, with 100+ employees, but no marketing department!

Content on Instagram and Facebook was handled by a student without strategic messaging and alignment of value propositions.

Starting as the first dedicated marketing/content creator, I inquired about strategy and business plans, assessments and metrics about or contributions to the Global Goals), brand guide or brand colours, tone of voice or marketing calendar but there was none of that.

As a professional impact business designer, I shared the best practices about brand building, marketing and interactions in an omnichannel landscape to get the right footing from the start.

The platforms used was:

Adobe Creative Cloud

Facebook + Facebook Business Manager



Mailchimp (newsletters)

WordPress+WooCommerce (website)


When I worked from the ground up and the potential mixed with ideas and approaches to executing (get stuff done) it needed to be done right, so the assigned colleagues did not waste time to relocate the material.

Working at an agency before, I applied the best practices and documentation in the spirit of collaboration, that others more easily to took take over and work effortlessly, creating faster and better results.

Being the first and only marketing person, working in a start-up when it comes to marketing, it took huge efforts to analyse how things were done, the process flow, and then apply structure, set up the folder structure, job database, finished tasks and "2 be done"-tasks.

My sense of analysis and extracting the essence came to fruition when doing content strategy, building a storyline that includes products/price, impact (contribution to the SDGs, circular economy) AND at the same time empower the reader, engage them and be as relevant as possible.

Working as a “growth marketer” the efforts on social led to 80 more followers in 90 days, but everything was carried out by organic growth, creating maximum results with minimum effort, and from a "bootstrap" starting point.

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Question: how does the brand build a community for the product or service?

Answer: its a dynamic and organic process of production, creation, activation and optimisation - and a constant journey covering:

The strategic foundation

Development of brand core & brand identity / style guide

Implementation of brand identity on flyers, social media and POS sales material.

Development of content strategy for social media and other platforms.

Content production

Marketing calendar and scheduling of themes

Creatives: copy, graphics, illustrations & infographics

Copy: captions, posts & CTA

Customer journey from awareness to conversion

Context activation

Repurposing and recycling of marketing material.

Community management.

Harvest insights for behaviour, engagement rate, interactions

Content optimisation

Social listening

User generated content


New concept or campaigns based upon data collection


Take, make, consume/use...and repurpose

The company has circular businessmodel with products and services, but have not implemented the same mindset of take, make and reuse/repurpose, when it surrounds marketing and branding.

This time around I delivered on these areas and more:

  1. Brand strategy
  2. Brand ID - brand strategy, logo, style guide, colour palette
  3. Define photo style (internal ane external use).
  4. Application of brand ID on SoMe (instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn), website and print.
  1. Content strategy and context marketing.
  2. Define themes & content pillars in communication.
  3. Project briefs.
  4. Campaign brief with ´KPI´s and SMART goals.
  1. On- and offline campaign presentations (idea development, project management and execution).
  2. Produce flyers, posters, info signs and presentations.

"Show me your CSR report,

and I can tell, if you still have

a business in 5 years time"

Can the CSR report win a business tender?

One of the last jobs I did was done to win a business tender.

The company had to submit "the latest CSR report" as part of the bidding material. The "latest" CSR report became the first.

Disposition & content

Throughout the period I worked I have rephrased, rewritten and weeded out the worst clichés and phrases that was like "The 80s have called, they want the copy back" so the overall storyline and brand story had a more tone of voice, empowering the reader/audience.

Layout & graphic design

Since there was, still after 10 years, no specific brand colour nor style guide. I curated the content, layout the publication and even wrote the statement from the CEO, mapped out a format and framework in which impact or sustainability, beyond greenwashing, could be as primary, secondary and potential areas of contribution of the SDGs.

Are you ready for impact business design as well?

I would have love to have shown actual posts, captions, content, videos and the CSR report, but due to NDA, I am not allowed to mention the company or the metricsReferences are naturally available on request.

Based upon this experience, I know that I can “begin anywhere” and connect the dots and create synergies.

I maintain the oversight and can easily shift from strategy, content creation, optimisation, so time&money is absolutely put to the best use.

Using the narrative of circular economy, repurpose and collect data from the marketing material to create more value across internal and external platforms.

Being passionately curious I am venturing into Paid Social marketing such as Google Search, Google Shopping Ads and Digital campaign optimisation, and keeping an ear to the ground to know about new platforms or communities.

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