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Exhibition @Wissenberg

2017 brought my artworks to a corporate exhibition (non-public), and i managed to sell many pieces, both small and larger works. Read more about it here and find out how many works got sold!

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RAW kunst i huset – Urban Contemporary juleudstilling

Er det graffiti, så´n med bogstaver og noget?
Jeg arbejder udfra en fri form, hvor bogstavets form og signfikante kendetegn ved selve Tegnet kan forvrides, vendes og opløses til fragmenter.
Et par venner og jeg satte en udstilling op på Råhuset, København, hvor jeg udstillede Illustrationer, lærreder og plakatkunst, som du kan se mere til her

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Datacon Jubilee / Canvas

The latest commercial project, was this unique, one-off canvas, made as an gift for Datacon
The approach was a a tad different, incorporating techniques from stencils and a more open, fre way of using brushes. I have taken process shots here, so take look.


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For this piece, I had to use LIVERBIRD, FIVE STARS and the letters “YNWA”, which is not connected to the any hip-hop related at all, but the term: YOU´ll NEVER WALK ALONE.
Its always fun and interesting to use a commercial concept and build the artwork around it.
– see the process and what it came to be on this page

if you have any ideas of how this could be used in your living space or office, then say hi

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Lenovo Yoga

I was asked by my manager at my work ALSO to make a unique poster/painting for the new domicile of Lenovo Denmark. Instead of the “typical” 6 bottles of red wine, chocolate or similar, this proved to be a good idea – Its now placed on the wall in the danish HQ of Lenovo, visible for any guests
See the different versions and working method here

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