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SDG in business

Themes Examples
1: BACKGROUND –  what is the companys present state regarding CSR/SDG? SWOT CSR maturity, materiality report, competitors position, conceptual, integrity etc. Csr reports, press, presence in communities, articles, posts etc.
2: PURPOSE and goals Ambitions, benefits and goals Strategic, tactical & operations, impact, profit+people+planet, partnerships, from UN global compact to SDG impact
why/what/how, procurement, direct/indirect score, rating of customer/performance – ESG score? Why CSR? Why now? What s the desired state, obtain (burning desire), avoid (burning platform) What are the short term goals and action plan on how  to reach them? / long term goals and action plan.
X brings forth enablers within IT & climate action (profit, social, environmental)
baselines: SBT, GRI etc. route to market/access to market Filling the gap/close the loop – global marketplace = global goals as a purchase order from the future (PaaS 2.0) Choice offering, benefits, efforts/key actions related to sustainable agenda
Vision/mission, strategy, goals, KPIs, Key Action initiatives, KSFs, output, outcome. Focus of actions, key change agents,  involvement in CSR/SDG agenda, buy in,  Criterias and objectives,  Connected strategy, subscriptions, 
Primary/secondary, drivers,  Motives, jobfunctions, actions, demands&expectations. What are the key areas of interest and insights? Information flow, value chain/values change Who are  gatekeepers/corporate champions, rebels? For example: CSR, bizzdev, sales, CEO etc.
Internal and external risks in PESTLE Action plan with key stakeholders, short term/long term effect on the core business and levers of income/X as a Service What counter measures could be taken to prevent negative press/public opinion? Greenwashing vs. green hushing? Legislations is the standard What counter measures could be taken to prevent negative press/public opinion? Greenwashing vs. green hushing? Legislations is the standard
Integration of SDG in core business to increase business value. ROIs, valuescan, theory of change, ROE, CEO activism. How to ingrain SDG agenda as a new revenue stream? Integrating the core business with CSR engagement & sustainability? Identify the sweet spot, license to operate, respond to desire?, choice offering, theory of change to onboard new patriots Markets of change – externalities – adjusting to the demands in the market, intent to purchase
How can we contribute to SDGs? Whats my impact as a individual and as a business? Mapping of core assets, value scan, squandered opportunities Stage 1: Do no harm (low effect) – stage 2: Do good (medium effect) – stage 3: Do more (do even better) CX/ROX  What  kind of business value and societal value can your X as a service provide?
Whats the return of experience, the lasting moment/impression What job have you done beyond the device/SaaS?
ESG governance, operational, hard/softwiring, culture mapping,  employees to activists.  Team of change, head of sustainability, CEO, CSR, champions, rebels.
hardwiring: traceable to SKUs/SaaS BAU is unusual
Input: functions, activities, Key succes factors, flow of info, conversions/uptake
profit, people and planet Softwiring: procurement, daily small actions, in-kind, operations, staff/teamleader/managers, numbers of onboard vendors/resellers/SKUs, SMART goals. visibility, nudging, relatable and attractive (dream state).
Partnerships, purpose, shared value, KSF, impact, terms & conditions, expectations. What key partnerships can increase revenue? Business input, partner input, common goal/compact New business models access to new markets, aquisitions strategic/tactical/operational Sprint Formats, common playing field
Sender/respondent, WIIFMB, channels, frequency, sign-ups, KPIs, CJ SMART. Alignment with value prop and key benefits. Internally communication, goal and purpose, involvement, part and parcel of the whole. Collectivity, external communication to vendors/resellers/tier2, headlines, subheader, key themes aligned with SDG agenda, WHAT20%, WHY10%ROI/ROX:70%. KPIs: increase awareness, stronger foundation, from passive to active. How has X as a Service contributed to profit, people and planet? Growth hacking
We are started but only with you we can go further. commitment/responsibility, creditworthiness, part of the solution/tools for change The journey continues…