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Good Vibes Jam

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Good Vibes Jam


This event was an event about creating a weekend, an community based event, where all the four elements of hip hop culture was presented.

Tunnel Art

Good Vibes Jam was arranged with Greve Municipality’s city planning, and a collective effort to lift the area’s tunnels, so they feel INSPIRING and ENJOYABLE to be in.

The Good Vibes Jam lasted friday, saturday and sunday, where the tunnels were painted by artists from Sweden, Ukraine, Uruguay and Denmark.


sketches, thoughts, ideas

When I approach a wall, I usually have a sketchy idea of what to write or what to do…so I did a few initial sketches to get the flow of the letters and a first draft colourscheme.
The next piece though, will be totally unprepared except colours, without interference of a preconceived notion, wait.. hmm.. I am already unto the next one.

I really wanted to produce a greenish, flourishing energy emanating from the wall space, inviting people into the tunnel of creativitiy.


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Diversity of artists

I had a wallspace alongside many different expressions, so the whole tunnel became an experience, almost through different moods and atmospheres.

I have taken a few pictures of the artwork, but if you are interested, these give these guys a follow:
and remember to support the organizers:
Street Studies


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How to decorate the city space with letterscapes?
This video was done as a conclusion and input to how the changing of the environment can be a conducive and positive factor in increasing the public use of the city space.
This expresses many opinions from organisers, architects and city planner, on how creativity can foster a more comfortable use of the city. 
It’s in danish though, but I am in there, wearing a blue t-shirt, pointing, spraying, taping and talking to the locals.

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Breaking stereotypes – This video was shot during the event with a focus on the dancers and community. Its in danish though, but if you are fast, you can catch a glimpse of me painting the wall.. in full concentration, being in the state of flow. If you dont know, what is going and what they are talking about, it might be because they speak danish…I am somewhere in there in black and white around the 02.00 mark

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On this adress, you can find the wall, but check different walls in the area as well… You might be surprised! If you would like to see my latest international walls, then go for time in Vietnam for this or this one or a bit closer geographically: Sweden.

If you are interested in my style of painting, and would like have your wallspace decorated, either as a unique, handembellished poster or something else entirely different, then send me a mail for a collective dialogue.
thank you for your time!