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Walls: Klærkesalen – 2014

This is the first wall of a commissioned project in Klærkesalen, Aktivitetscenter Skt. Joseph in Copenhagen, Denmark. This painting is about 4,5 mtrs tall x 2 meters wide and was composed on the letters: GLÆDE (“JOY)”, which encapsulated the atmosphere of the place. The letters disappeared and dissolved completely, so it was more play of colours, shapes and lines.

An opposite wall (3 1/2 mtr x 2 mtr.) Klærkesalen Part 2 “GLADE” (“happiness”) will be produced in a blue-ish- yellow orange colourscheme and will be finished ultimo May 2014. This is the second commissioned mural in 18 years!.. and I have tried to upscale the styles, that I do on canvasses.