My motivation:


I have worked 6 years (2012-2018) at ALSO A/S as a bid desk assistent/back office and wanted to use ALSO A/S as a case, since I was fascinated and intrigued by the how a business case could provide financial and marketshare within ICT the coming years.

I developed a concept “sustainable technology” a new business area, to embrace SaaS, hardware and ICT products, and could potentially empower:

380 million potential end-customers to buy sustainable ICT!

ALSO A/S is a market-leading ICT distributor:

• 4000 employees

• 110.000 buyers

• 660 vendors

• Global reach: 380 million end-customers

• 9,2 billion EUR i net sales (2019)

with vendors such as HP, Samsung and Lenovo and resellers like Dustin, Atea who sells to end-customers, public bids and retail.

“How much of my revenue can be traced to a positive contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals?” 


According to the ALSO A/S Annual report 2018, the threats related to sustainability are “lack of experts“, when its being unable to attract talent or retain employees with necessary IT skills.

A weakness is “image of industry“, which could be based on the fact that in the public eye, and thus externally, a lack of being vocal about responsibility and, as a minimum, acknowledges the impact in a financial, societal and environmental context.

Sustainable technology

The integration between IT and sustainability can be achieved by doing MORE, and DO better and ensuring that one’s core

business and revenue streams are “future-fit” when megatrends/societal pressure drives a behavioral change for the end-user.

Return of experiences

What is the end-customers experience, when the “true cost” has been paid for virgin ICT products?

Impact Assessment

How do you make an assessment for vendors, resellers and even end-customers?


What kind of businessdriven shared value collaborations/

co-creations can be initiated?

Business opportunities –

– What kind of global challenges (as phrased in the the SDGs) can create value for the stakeholders, shareholders, the society and the environment?


Curated offerings, culture mapping & TrueCost

If you want to have sneakpeak at the case project on how the points above was executed, I have compiled a few of the slides, which you can download on the left hand side.

let´s connect if you are inspired.