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XONEINITIATIVE.ORG & growth hacking


ONEINITIATIVE.ORG are hosting the #nordicimpactbusinesssummit where companies delivering the most promising solutions of tomorrow, are matched and matured in collaboration with business angels, investors or venture funds. The aim of ONEINITIATIVE.ORG is to collaborate on solving the global challenges – while earning money. makes a difference by:

  • mapping the ecosystem of impact investing.
  • developing impactful companies.

thus increases:

• scalable & economic solutions for global challenges.

What is my contribution?

I am levelling up my digital marketing skillset, develop methodologies, content planning and execution, strategies and KPI´s in order to reach the business goals. It includes disciplines as:

  • Growth hacking (AAARRR).
  • Content planning.
  • Marketing automation and analytics.

Download the “Impact report Nordic investors 2019” here