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Dharma/Karma 2014-2015


This serves as an idea for the coming wall piece. I have written “Dharma”, and played around with colors. Uniball rules! Its a A4, 210 x 297 mm, paper and then some detailshots

For the Meeting of Styles in Magdeburg, Germany I wrote the combination of the words: DHARMA/KARMA, which is essentiel the ethics/the “cause” and the effect/KARMA.
You can always change your ways and therefor improve the karma. What you sow, is what you reap.
What you signal out, what you give to others (attention, vibration. loving kindness) comes back, or in cyclic manner comes back to you.

The theme of the Meeting of Styles was “Cause and effect”, so it was up to each artist to interpret the theme, and kinda merge or connect with the piece next to you. I painted besides HRVBtheweird, SCEK and LuckyLucy, and met a lot of friends cool cats such as LOST OPTICS, and enjoyed the company so much.