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blockchain, movies, governance (fintech)

Suppy chain management.

Men hvordan kan blockchain revolutionere måden, man laver regnskab på?
Blockchain could be coming for the accounting industry.

Own Your Carbon Footprint
Carbon on Blockchain
Controlling your carbon footprint should be as easy as checking your bank balance. With Poseidon, it can be.

Blockchain + social inclusion:
Bringing Social & Financial Inclusion to the World’s Underserved Population in the Developing and Developed World

Blockhain and supply chain:
Whether you’re a farmer, manufacturer, or independent store owner, Provenance grows your business with trust and transparency.
Open up your supply chain and showcase the people, places and processes behind your products.

TUNA fishing on blockchain (case)

Fintech (financial technology)
How you can save lives with Blockchains and Cryptocurrency
The contracts for each particular aid relief program will be agreed upon by everyone involved in the chain – from the distributors of medication at one end to the NGO collecting donations at the other. They then set up non-traditional evidence systems so that those that may not be able to be verified using standard methods – i.e. a bank account – won’t be excluded from aid programs and can instead rely on biometrics for an example. And finally large transactions within the chain can be confirmed by crowd sourced evidence – third party verification. Once everyone knows what’s happening, the wallets open to turn your dollar in to cryptocurrency (with a preset value for each of the the campaigns) and away it goes, tracked every step of the way until it’s in the hands of a worker or a local hospital, who can submit their evidence and turn it into local currency

Blockchain and SDGs:

Tradeshift has grown to 650+ people with offices in 12 countries, but our focus hasn’t wavered. We believe that nothing connects a fragmented world like commerce. We digitize and connect everything that happens between a buyer and a seller, anywhere in the world.

  • Connect with all their suppliers digitally
  • Remove paper and manual processes across procure-to-pay
  • Seize early payment discounts to save money
  • Buy what they need faster and manage supplier risk

og prøv denne ROI/cost benefit “maskine”:

Sustainability in digital tracking:
SDGs i sammenligning med GRI /global reporting

Måling af co2:
Carlsberg har bl.a. brugt denne leverandør til deres strategimål: ”Together towards zero

Gogreen Denmark:
Det er en mangfoldighed af virksomheder, der på hver deres måde har indarbejdet bæredygtighed som en del af DNA’et. Du har pengepungen og dermed magten. Vi håber, du bruger den til at ”stemme grønt”, når du handler. Vi vil gøre bæredygtighed nemt og tilgængeligt, så den kan blive en naturlig del af din og vores alle sammens hverdag.

Hayao Miyazaki:
Spirited away

Princess mononoke: