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XGO-IMPACT as impact business design

background: is a platform, where the user is presented with various challenges, and earn SDGpoints, which can be converted into vouchers from the retail segment or donated to charity. makes a difference by:

  • matching societal, global challenges
  • consumer activism

thus increases:

  • Donations to the NGOs
  • Measurable and visible impact (sponsors & retail)
  • Customer influx and economic growth in the sustainble retail segment.

How did I provide value?

The company was an early-stage start-up, and I applied these skills:

  • UX/UI
  • graphic design
  • brand development
  • marketing
  • fundraising
  • in sales activities
  • Strategy

Begin anywhere and move forward…

Having a legacy of marketing, branding & communication coupled with a diploma for in sustainable business change management, I had the chance of gaining experience in a match reality context, applying my skillset and methodology in order to grow and co-creating the development of the business.

One of my favourite quotes i  “begin anywhere” by John Cage, as I interpret as to put meaning and value into the best possible use and create the most successful impacts.


#clickable prototyping





I gained insights on the discipline of service product design, and obtained knowledge on the different phases and the logical requirements from an idea to a  finalised digital product, including activities as fundraising, pitch decks, UX, customer journeys, card sorting and UI, all done with dedication to the “how might we..” working method.

My journey onwards is to capitalize my learnings on a larger scale #impact#business#development, thus creating a #sustainable, positive change for the society, environment and businesses.

See the UX casestudy at:

#Product roadmaps#LEANUX#frameworks #Brand thinkingCanvas#AudienceMapping #Persona templates

Statement from

Mads is versatile, and has a wide range of knowledge and competencies in the graphic field, business development and #CSR, which he generously shares in a collaborative spirit.

Mads handles new challenges with curiosity and positivity. He is an accomplished team player and a cherished colleague.