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July 2020

Brizy #9140

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interaction – communication Graphic design I have recently produced a few posters for a series of arrangements intended for the elderly people. These posters and brochures are part of a continious development of graphic design… Read More »Brizy #9140

Say hi!

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write me at for ZOOM meetings


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conversations| KPI´S|sustainability MADS SONNE BREMHOLM BIBLIOTEKVEJ 32 | 2650 HVIDOVRE WEB@SOFIRA.DK|SOFIRA.DK WHATSAPP: +45 24275577 Jeg bidrager med: 20 års erfaring indenfor markedsføring og printproduktion som GRAFIKER, sammenholdt med kontor- og tasteopgaver igennem skiftende vikariater. SPECIALE:… Read More »CV DK

WASH global challenge

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GLOBAL CHALLENGE & SOLUTIONS “Why still use buckets for tran- sporting and keeping water free from contamination?…” IMPACT BUSINESS DESIGN ENABLING SOCIETAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE MPACT BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Skills used: #marketing #graphicdesign #communicaton #fundraising #branddevelopment… Read More »WASH global challenge

ALSO sustech

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How could 380 million potential end-customers buy sustainable ICT? BACKGROUND: ALSO A/S is a market-leading ICT distributor: • 4000 employees• 110.000 buyers• 660 vendors • Global reach: 380 million end-customers• 9,2 billion EUR i net… Read More »ALSO sustech