abstract letterbased walls

COMPOSITIONS, COLOUR, SPRAY AND BRUSHES. My starting point has always been the letterforms, which I have investigated and explored since 1986, sometimes abstract, sometimes readable. From early I wanted to concentrate the letterforms, not the backgrounds or fills. I have listed a few of them here, and have even had the chance of getting “immortalized” in Google Maps, until their maps are being updated!


I have had the words "Begin/Being" circling in my mind for some time. I am really fond of the play and interaction of words, so I have also prepared a canvas with these words. It was done on the same day as one of my friends/colleague had a funeral ceremony


In 2015, I went to Upfest, with one strong the focus of a word combination of YOGA and JAGO.
YOGA as in "union, connection", since I have practiced Sahaja Yoga for the past 15 years and JAGO means "awake, rise" in sanskrit.


For the Meeting of Styles in Magdeburg, Germany I wrote the combination of the words: DHARMA/KARMA, which is essentiel the ethics/the “cause” and the effect/KARMA.
You can always change your ways and therefor improve the karma. What you sow, is what you reap.
What you signal out, what you give to others (attention, vibration. loving kindness) comes back, or in cyclic manner comes back to you.

LOVE - 2014

This piece was made during Easter 2014, and its situated in Westend, a part of Copenhagen. I decided to write "LOVE", as part of the words/title of the painting "LOVE IS THE GREATEST GURU". The piece were made in accordance with the Easter theme and I did 3 hearts symbolizing the words or actions like: LOVE, COMPASSION & FORGIVENESS.


For the past months, I have been thinking about the term. "Ekko/Echoes", which for me, sums up the concept of experiencing something outside (hearing, tasting, seeing etc.) which leaves an "echo" inside.
Like a lasting impression of the experience. The wall was intended to have speech-bubbles to "guide" or make the viewer reflect upon, what resonates or reflects in her or his mind/being.

Klærkesalen – 2014

This is the first wall of a commissioned project in Klærkesalen, Aktivitetscenter Skt. Joseph in Copenhagen, Denmark. This painting is about 4,5 mtrs tall x 2 meters wide and was composed on the letters: GLÆDE ("JOY)", which encapsulated the atmosphere of the place.