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I have had the words “Begin/Being” circling in my mind for some time. I am really fond of the play and interaction of words, so I have also prepared a canvas with these words. It was done on the same day as one of my friends/colleague had a funeral ceremony

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Having chosen a location with a bit worn-out and rough atmosphere, was reflected in the work on the wall. The work on the wall became “Moksha“, which means Liberation in sanskrit language.

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Even though that this section features my artwork on “national walls”, this work falls in line of that category.
This job was carried out to give loudspeakers on the streets a make-over since they are playing a big part in establishing  good vibes around the event FoodTruckCorner.

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LOVE – 2014

This piece was made during Easter 2014, and its situated in Westend, a part of Copenhagen. I decided to write “LOVE”, as part of the words/title of the painting “LOVE IS THE GREATEST GURU”. The piece were made in accordance with the Easter theme and I did 3 hearts symbolizing the words or actions like: LOVE, COMPASSION u0026amp; FORGIVENESS.

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For the past months, I have been thinking about the term. “Ekko/Echoes“, which for me, sums up the concept of experiencing something outside (hearing, tasting, seeing etc.) which leaves an “echo” inside.
Like a lasting impression of the experience. The wall was intended to have speech-bubbles to “guide” or make the viewer reflect upon, what resonates or reflects in her or his mind/being.

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Klærkesalen – 2014

This is the first wall of a commissioned project in Klærkesalen, Aktivitetscenter Skt. Joseph in Copenhagen, Denmark. This painting is about 4,5 mtrs tall x 2 meters wide and was composed on the letters: GLÆDE (“JOY)”, which encapsulated the atmosphere of the place.

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