Ads, posters and logo

These posters and brochures are part of a continious development of graphic design for Danske Seniorer from 2015 till 2016. These posters promotes events with national known entertainers, singers and alike.

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Sahaja Yoga on- and offline

I have been pracising Sahaja Yoga Meditation since 2000, have been teaching, coordinating, managing the website and responsible for graphics and visual promotion.

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Look and feel, seek and find @Yellow Pages

I have had the joy of working for a few years for the YELLOW PAGES /DGS.DK, now ENIRO.DK where I did full page ADs, half page and smaller ADs.
Sometimes there was only the client text as a starting point, and you had to come up with graphics, colourscheme, typography and layout.

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Responsive webdesign

i have re-designed a few websites in an different areas of businesses such as:
Construction workers
Bookkeeping companies
Event management
Musicians and
These assignments happens, when I answer the question whether I do website design or not.
"If I do Webdesign?.. Yes, i can help you with that..." and what happens after, can you read more about here

Logo and Identity

I have produced several logoes throughout my work and present here a few proposals and a few cases.
I always strive towards that the logo should convey the ideas and visions of the client and i emphasize to remove any disturbing and unnecessary elements from the core symbol/logo

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