UPDATE: 2 pcs of works sold, - an unique, mixed poster and an abstract, minimalistic canvas

I am always on the look out for new opportunities and it makes me happy and joyful that YOU are interested in seeing my artwork upclose.
- Perhaps spend a few minutes looking at it, trying to get individual perspective on it, finding YOUR own favourite angle looking at it.

I am currently exhibiting a curated selection of works at MR PIZZA/ Pizzagalleriet during June July 2018.

My artworks will be presented:
June 3rd till July 7th 2018
Monday-Friday: 11.00-22.00 hrs
Saturday-Sunday: 12.00-22.00 hrs
- so drop by for a slice of art and pizza.

PRESS: You can find the press release here

A lot of interesting artists are scheduled for coming exhibition, so follow the development of the gallery on facebook

As a promotion, I was also featured in the local newspaper, and it actually drew in some crowd #printisnotdead and both illustrative works, paintings on laminated wooden boards, canvases or mixed media
- And whooa.. Since its unique, original works, presently two of the works have been sold, so take a visit to the exhibition and grab a bite of pizza and an original artwork
- HUGE savings on the pricing during the duration of the exhibition.

It was joyful to see the crowd and personally the attendees had a dialogue about the process of my work, the lack of signature in the right corner and the titles of the work.

Its always motivating for me to hear peoples comments and dialogue about the work and how I am able to blend or merge the unique aspects of each media (illustration, spray, markers and photography)
– what do you see in the pictures?

I overheard that some of the guests, on the outset “fell in love” immediately with a one of the paintings and could envision it in their own home/workspace – that’s good to hear!

The presentation includes, also available in the pizzaria, contains artworks, including poems and texts supplementing the visual side of the work, and output, who did not make the cut this time around.

The presentation is here and you can find the pricelist here