Mads Sonne Bremholm

How can I help you?

I have done many different assignments within the areas of:

ID & logos • Websites • Print • Canvas artwork •Illustrations • Wall decorations

Selected works and CV: here

SOFIRA = is an abbreviation of my daughter's name first name (Ira) and middlename (Sofia), which becomes SOFIRA.


Responsive web design, SEO, frontend/backend

i have re-designed a few websites in an different areas of businesses such as:
Flowershops • Construction workers • Bookkeeping companies
Event management • Musicians • Psychologists.
These assignments happens, when I answer the question whether I do website design or not.
"If I do webdesign?.. Yes, i can help you with that..." and what happens after, can you read more about here



Illustrations, canvas and posters

My artworks has been exhibited a few places, and I would gladly welcome anybody, who would like
to have my productions on the wallspaces, perhaps as something new to be inspired from and
meditate upon in the daily life.
See examples here and here and drop me a few lines, if you could see happening at your workplace.

Canvas artwork

Abstract expressive artwork

My take on canvas, illustrations and posters is based upon letters, swirls, different mediums and approaches to convey an experience, where the work resonates within the viewer, independently of which angle, the work has been made.
Take a look here


logotype, red, blue, circles, mads sonne bremholm

Graphic design

Flyers, posters, brochures and ads

I can help you with visual communication, print, flyers, posters and everything else
you can print on, so drop by the print section,  or send me a mail and say hi