How can i provide value?

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Webdesign, SEO, conversions

I have done assignments within webdesign and SEO for clients such as:

  • flowershops
  • bookkeepers
  • musicians
  • psychologists


These jobs occured when people in my circles, asked: "that webdesign, do you do that kind of jobs?" Naturally I am willing to support and solve the clients communicative challenges as part of the conversation, the market between two parties.
But how did I solve these tasks? Take a look here



Sustainable conversations and connections

I am a certified sustainable business change manager at TANIA ELLIS - The social business company. An education which integrates sustainability as a business driver, CSR within business development strategies.
I have gained insights in how businesses can become "future-fit", and while keeping their revenue stream, branch out and into new more purposeful and valuable position in the markets of change.

Topics covered are:

  • Create shared value through global, business driven partnerships.
  • Develop market insight of how companies could unlock the potential market of the SDGs.
  • Do impact assessment for suppliers, value chains/values change, and use the levers of income to attract talent, onboard new customers.

get more insights at bæredygtig forretningsudvikling

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Graphic design

I have solved a tasks within visual communication throughout my 20 years career of graphic designer:

  • Posters
  • Ads
  • Logos
  • Business card and Brand Identity

I am presenting a few examples here: logo, print, roll-ups


Typographic design = Letterscapes

Besides the more corporate work presented here, I have exhibited lots of letter based, typographic works, have painted walls national and internationally and I am featured in an international art book

Key takeaways are:

  • Trust my intuition
  • Compose words, lines, spheres at large scale.
  • Passion projects can lead to international recognition.

Have a look at my artistic output at letterscapes

...Sofira, hvad betyder det?

SOFIRA = er en sammentrækning af min datters navn.
Fornavn er Ira og mellemnavn er Sofia, så det bliver til SOFIRA